Modern security systems are growing demanded in industrial, commercial and military applications such as commercial and infrastructure security, transportation safety and night vision, recreational boating, firefighting surveillance, military surveillance &detection &tracking. To achieve surveillance& target acquisition and tracking purpose, a matched video system needed to be built to produce images or recordings. At the heart of these sophisticated video systems, all power, signal and data are passed through a slip ring system. It offers 360° endless transmission of large amount of images or recording from a rotary part to a fixed part and avoid wires twisted while rotating. That is why modem video system is the largest demand application of slip rings.

AOOD has a long history of offering slip ring solutions for video systems in security application, from CCTV, pan-tilts, webcams, IP cameras, outside broadcast boom mounted cameras, HD cameras to helicopter, military target acquisition systems, radar surveillance systems, stabilized weapon sights, ROV,UAV, UGV, USV and gimbaled electro-optic and laser range finders. AOOD slip ring can make sure the reliable transmission while the system performing electrical and electronic function. Along with the need of customers for more powerful security systems, AOOD developed a series Ethernet capsule slip rings which provides Ethernet communication in combination with different power. Fiber optic rotary joints can be integrated into Ethernet slip rings too.

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A slip ring is an electromechanical device which in combination with brushes that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure.

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