Customer Feedback

We are also busy with a design review of the current scanner head, we are fairly sure that the next units will incorporate the fiber brush 6 wire electrical small slip ring from you at this stage.

— Mr. Rhodes


We have been worked with AOOD TECHNOLOGY for years. They offer many small size capsule slip rings for our washing floor robots, vacuum cleaning robots and floor mopping robots. I think AOOD will bring us more new products.

— Susumu


The slipring SRT096 works as expected.

 — Mr.Smith


The performance of your 1500A electrical rotating connectors nowadays all right, our welding machines running normally. Thanks by contact and help us.

— Alex


We are satisfied with quality of your usb slip rings. I will definitely contact you if we need slip rings in the future.

— Ms. Heather


The AOOD miniature through hole slip rings capsule SRT015-2402 with a 15mm through hole is just what we need. We are very satisfied with its performance and cost. We will order more soon.

— Mr. McKenna


We use AOOD fiber optic rotary joints in our fast and accurate antenna measurement system. Till now they perform very good.

— Charles


Your both fiber optic hybrid sliprings are very good. They are working on our biggest ROVs without any problems.

— Dylan


Your IP68 sealed slip ring connector SRT190 has worked here for one year, it still transfers power and profibus signals very good. We use it outdoor, I think there is no water get inside, your sealing technology is pretty good. We are satisfied with AOOD.

  — Richardson

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A slip ring is an electromechanical device which in combination with brushes that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure.

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