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AOOD Ethernet slip rings are to provide 10/100Base T or 1000Base T Ethernet communication in combination with power or data connections and analog coax connections from a stationary part to a rotating part, available with HD-SDI video combination. Utilizing high performance gold on gold contact technology, this series slip rings feature low electrical noise. The Ethernet cable is supplied terminated with a RJ45 connector and ready to install. Ethernet slip ring capsule and through bore Ethernet slip ring are available. They are widely use in CCTV IP-surveillance, motor control, POE( Power-Over-Ethernet) and Pan/tilt video camera heads.


>>>Model<<< OD×L
Circuits Voltage
ADC22-06-E 22×25.45 8 6 240 2 300 ADC22-16-E
ADC22-12-E 22×32.15 8 12 240 2 300 ADC22-16-E
ADC22-16-E 22×37.5 8 16 240 2 300 ADC22-16-E
ADT050-28S-E 119.2×105.8 12 16 380 2 50 ADT050-28S-E



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A slip ring is an electromechanical device which in combination with brushes that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure.

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