Warranty Information

As the leading electrical slip rings supplier in the worldwide, AOOD have three cores: technology, quality and satisfaction. They are just the reason that why we can be the leader. Advanced technology and superior quality ensure the competitive power of AOOD, but the full and perfect service makes customers rely on us.

The key of customer service at AOOD is professional, fast and precise. AOOD service team are well trained, possess skilled professional know-how and good service attitude. Any problem the customer mentioned, it would be responded within 24 hours whether before-sale or after sale.

Quality Assurance Warranty

All AOOD slip ring assemblies units are guaranteed for one year except special products, which allows you to return any defective part for a replacement in one year from the date of original purchase on invoice,

1. If any defect is discovered in materials and/or workmanship, which results in quality failure.

2. If the slip ring is damaged through improper package or transportation.

3. If the slip ring can’t work normally under normal and proper use.

NOTE: If slip ring assemblies are expected to be used in an awful or a corrosive environment, please make clear statements to us, thus we can make the products specially treated to meet your particular expectation.