Today, wind is one of the fastest growing energy technologies. Wind power involves converting wind energy into electricity by using wind turbines. AOOD had developed many years of applications knowledge on wind turbines and had a great deal of success in offering very low maintenance systems in harsh environments.

 Slip rings are mostly used to provide electrical signal and power for blade pitch power and control.  In the hydraulic system, slip ring and fluid rotary union need to be combined to provide multiple signals,

electric and hydraulic power transmission for the hydraulic blade pitch actuation. In the electric system, it need slip ring with higher power circuits transmit signals and electric power for the electric blade pitch actuation.

High power slip ring is needed to provide high current transmission for energizing the rotor coils in the direct drive system.  Additionally, to meet the needs of integrated slip ring assemblies, AOOD slip rings can be incorporated with encoders and resolvers, fiber optic rotary joints, fluid rotary unions and RF rotary joints.

As the worldwide leader in slip rings filed, AOOD has develop superior sliding contact transmission technology that ensure AOOD wind power slip rings has over 100 million rounds lifespan. Also they are designed to match harsh environment, they can resist extreme high or low temperature, invasion of sand & dust and corrosion of seawater.

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