Marine application has extreme requirements of slip rings due to its harsh marine environment. AOOD’s wide-range experience in marine projects and persistent innovation assure AOOD slip rings can meet customers’ increasing transmission requirements. AOOD slip rings are performing their function in underwater vehicles, marine satellite antenna systems, marine winches, sonar devices, seismic and oceanographic exploration equipment.


Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and satellite communication systems as two important end-users of slip rings in marine application they are always AOOD’s key developing field. The growing use of underwater robots for deepwater oil and gas industry promotes the development of ROV slip ring systems. Slip rings used in deepwater must withstand extreme underwater environments such pressure and shock and corrosion. AOOD had offered thousands of slip rings for ROVs including single channel or double channels electro-optic slip rings for Ethernet or fiber optic signals and high definition electrical slip rings. These slip rings all are designed with pressure compensation, sealed with IP66 or IP68, robust stainless steel housing for anti-corrosion and harsh underwater environment.

Satellite antenna communication system can automatically identify, acquire, and track satellite signals, it is essential for marine communication from the target to remote monitoring location. It contains three key elements—RF cable, RF connector and antenna. 

Antenna is the first element of the input system to wireless signal receiving system, because antenna system enables two way communications between the ground and another fast moving station, then people can track radar, airplane, boast and moving vehicles from monitoring station. As antenna system must be driven in 360° horizontal or vertical rotation, so it needs a slip ring to incorporate into the antenna system to solve voltage and signal control from one stationary part to rotor part. AOOD coaxial rotary joints and hybrid coaxial rotary joint and electrical slip ring can be provided.

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