AOOD slip rings have been served military field for years, they are designed for rugged environments and demanding requirements. Along with the needs of customers’ increasing demanding for high performance customized military slip rings, AOOD experts persistently developed new slip rings technology, enable AOOD slip rings perform transmission function in the most challenging military systems. For example, a surveillance radar works 24h/7days a week, it need handle with over one hundred wires including high current channels, fast Ethernet channel, RF signal and fiber optic signal, AOOD experts adopt modular design, 

combination of electrical slip ring with RF and fiber optic rotary joint, EMC shielding to ensure power supply, high speed data and RF radio signal transmission. Additionally AOOD can integrate it with fluid rotary joint and encoder too.

Typical applications including:

● Stabilised and remote-controlled weapon stations

● Armored vehicles, armored gun turrets and tank turrets

● Stabilised artillery systems, laser-controlled IFF, target acquisition and fire control systems

● Gimballed avionic instruments and gyroscopes

● Airborne stabilised gun platforms and sights

● Forward Looking Infra-Red systems and electro-optical systems

● Fixed wing aircraft and helicopters for propeller and rotor de-icing systems