Our Technical Strength

  • Technology leading R&D team, in additional to develop custom products, but also regularly make plans to overcome technical difficulties to develop more advanced and high end products, such as high power coax rotary joints and contactless slip rings etc.
  • Advanced core technology – electroplating as the most core technology of a slip ring, it determines the wear of brushes and rings, lifetime and the transfer capability.
    AOOD independently developed advanced electroplating technology, high effectively reduced the wear, improved the lifetime and electrical performance, it is also the premise that we develop a wide range of high end industrial and military use slip rings.
  • In defense and aerospace field, we develop 3 types core products: long lifetime miniature capsule slip rings , long lifetime high speed slip rings and military multiple ways slip rings. All these slip rings have been proved by high & low temperature, humidity, vacuum, vibration and shock tests, can be used in defense and aerospace applications.
    Our long lifetime miniature capsule slip rings up to 150M lifetime with extremely low electrical noise ( ≤3mΩ ), can provide 1~ 280 ways in small space.
    Our long lifetime high speed slip rings up to 20,000rpm rotating speed, can custom 5M – 150M revolutions lifetime.
    Our military multiple ways slip rings can provide up to 500 ways of power and data transfer, often integrate with coax rotary joint or fiber optic rotary joint to provide a complete rotary interface solution.
    Amount them, the multiple ways slip rings we produced that used in satellite antenna systems reach 80% global market share.
  • In medical field, we are the only Chinese manufacturer who can produce large bore slip rings for CT scans, we are also the third largest CT scan slip rings manufacturer after Schleifring and MOOG, capacity up to 500 units per year.
    AOOD large bore CT scan slip rings can provide 0.5 – 2.7m bore diameter, speeds up to 300rpm, power rings rated up to 300A, support Gigabit Ethernet and high speed signal transfer.
  • In marine field, our high power slip rings up to IP68 protection, can provide fluid-filled for pressure compensation for underwater operation.
  • We can provide double-sided ring design disc slip rings to suit for the minimum mounting height.
  • We have proven technology and rich experience to provide the integrated solution of multiple slip rings/ coax rotary joint/ FORJ/ rotary joint for complex motion control systems.