Our Capabilities


AOOD is a technology-oriented and innovation-based slip ring supplier. In addition to the production of standard through bore and capsule slip rings, we pay more attention to the R&D of new high-end slip rings for defense, medical and marine applications. With many years of experience in slip ring industry, now we have a powerful team of highly skilled engineers to develop higher performance electrical slip ring systems for our clients, all of these slip rings R&D projects are well managed to ensure efficient and timely.

∎   Technology-oriented and innovation-based
∎   Many years of experience
∎   highly skilled engineers
∎   Develop new slip rings regularly
∎   R&D projects management



AOOD has a number of solutions to transfer power, data, electrical signal, optical signal, RF signal, fluid and gas from a stationary part to a rotating part without damaging the system’s performance. With fiber brush contacting, contactless or rolling-ring contacting technology, our electrical slip ring units can achieve unrestrained and reliable transmission of power, data and signal. We also can integrate our electrical slip rings with FORJs or RF rotary joint or media rotary joints to provide an optimization hybrid solution of performance and configuration.

∎   Power, data, signal transmission
∎   FORJ
∎   RF rotary joint
∎   Fluid/gas rotary joint
∎   Contacting, contactless and rolling-ring contacting technology



All production of AOOD slip rings are finished in-house by our trained workers. We are not just manufacturing slip rings year and year but also keeping upgrading our production processes and production equipment. We own an individual machining center and most of those components are processed here by our experienced workers. We also own a clean room for assembling slip rings to ensure the highest quality and reliability, for now our monthly productivity up to 100,000 units and we are implementing automatic production step and step.

∎   Innovative production processes
∎   Machining centre
∎   Clean room for assembling
∎   Strong production capability
∎   Automatic production



Quality consistence is the most concerned issue for any customer, especially for bulk orders. That is why we implement the most stringent quality control processing. For each batch incoming materials, we conduct full inspection or random inspection accordingly. Our workers also test semi-manufactured slip rings in production to ensure assembling goes smoothly. Bulk orders are automatically tested to avoid manual mistakes and improve testing efficiency. In addition to normal performance testing, we will also carry out EMC, EMI, reliability and environment testing for some special products upon request.

∎   Automatic testing
∎   Incoming materials testing
∎   Production inspection
∎   Outgoing testing
∎   EMC, EMI, reliability, sealing, lifetime and environment testing



We have regular training for all our staff to make sure each staff will do a great job in his/her position, from assembly workers, testing staff to office staff, everyone need to keep updating and growing. Our project management team effectively promote the smooth progress of each project, work closely with our customers and our internal staff, ensure each project is compliant with requirements and complete on time. From initial design to production to delivery, each small detail is required to be the best instead of qualified, just these many the best made us a unique high quality slip ring supplier.

∎   Regularly staff training
∎   Professional and efficient technical ability
∎   Good projects managements
∎   Focus on details