Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery plays a significant role to achieve higher productivity, higher efficiency and less cost. In these complex industrial systems, slip ring assemblies and rotary joints are widely used to perform the function of transferring power, data, signal or media from a stationary part to a rotating part. According to the complexity of the system, slip rings and rotary joints can be integrated.


AOOD have provided slip ring systems for industrial machines for years. You can find AOOD slip rings are performing their electrical and electronic transfer function in welding machines, pick and place machines, packaging machinery, material handling systems, robotic arms, semiconductors, bottling and filler equipments, food processing equipments, pipeline inspection equipments, rotating testing tables, strain guages, printing machines and other large machines. Let’s make it specific with robots, a robot consists of two main parts, one is robotic arm and the other is base frame. 

The robotic arm can rotate 360° free but base frame is fixed and we need transmit power and signals from base frame to robotic arm control unit. Here we must use a slip ring to solve this problem without cable problem.

AOOD is always keeping researching and developing new slip ring solutions. AOOD rolling-contacting and non-contacting slip rings can achieve long time reliable transmission under high speed operation, mercury contacting slip rings can achieve the extreme high current transfer, such as AOOD 3000amp electrical rotating connector for welding machines.