Military Radars


Military radar is one of the important means of obtaining all-weather, all-day strategic and tactical intelligence, is the primary sensor for air defense, sea defense, land defense weapons systems and command automation systems. It can not only give early warning, intercept, track, identify, guide and intercept all kinds of flight targets in the air, sea, ground and outer space, but also has the ability to image large-area fixed targets based on air or outer space platforms. At present, although its resolution and measurement accuracy are not as good as optical and infrared sensors, the performance of military radar all-weather, all-day and high data rate in large airspace is irreplaceable by other sensors, so military radar plays an extremely important role in the military field, and has a wide range of application prospects.

AOOD as a leading high reliability slip ring manufacturer, has more than 20 years experience of supplying military radar slip ring assemblies to our global defense customers.

Ground-based military radars usually have high power and large amounts of data handling needs, so their slip rings likely require to carry hundreds of amps and various data/ signal circuits, a suitable sized through bore slip ring is ideal for the main power and complex data / signal transmission. The through bore cylinder shape provides enough space for the safe transfer of high power circuits, its bigger space also makes the structure more robust and with better electrical performance. The through bore itself can be used to mount a fiber optic rotary joint, waveguide rotary joint, coaxial rotary joint or hydraulic rotary joint. In many military radars projects that AOOD participated in, an encoder is often required to be supplied with the slip ring assembly together.


A slip ring assembly for an AWACS radar often need handle lots of power and large amounts of data too, but it usually has more critical space requirement, the slip ring manufacturer also need consider the slip ring assembly’s environmentally durability due to the possible bump loads and high frequency cyclical loads in operation. A target acquisition radar in the nose of an air combat fighter more likely use the smaller and lighter AOOD military miniature slip ring capsules to transfer the power and data / signal. In short, a slip ring assembly for an airborne radar usually have below features:

 Many circuits, including high power and complex data / signal circuits

 Critical dimensions, tight package and light weight

 Robust, reliable environmentally durability

A ship-mounted radar slip ring assembly also need handle complex power and data / signal transmission in limited space, but stainless steel body and higher protection to prevent salt water penetration is very important too.

In many years of designing and producing military-specified radar slipring assemblies, AOOD constantly improve our electrical slip ring’s materials, structure and processing, to overcome all challenges and deliver our global customers proven high performance military radar slip rings.