Accuracy and reliability is the mission of medical equipments and devices. In all these systems, they place rigorous demand on their subsystems and components. Slip ring as an electromechanical part that enables the transmission of power/ signal/data from a stationary part to a rotating part, it is crucial to the success of the whole transmission system.

AOOD had a long history of offering slip ring solutions for medical application.  With the latest engineering technology, persistent innovation and sophisticated know-how, AOOD successfully used superb accuracy and reliability slip rings to solve power/ data/signal transmission for CT scanners, MRI systems, high-resolution ultrasound, digital mammography systems, medical centrifuges, ceiling pendants and reflector surgical lights and so on.


The most typical case is large diameter slip ring systems for CT scanner. CT scanner need transfer image data from the rotating x-ray detector array to the stationary data processing computer and this function must be accomplished by a slip ring. This slip ring must be with a large inner diameter and can transfer large amount of data under high working speed. AOOD large diameter slip ring is just the one: inside diameter can be up to 2m, image data transmission rates can be up to 5Gbit/s by fiber optic channel and can work reliably under 300rpm high speed.