Cutting-edge Technology

Cutting-edge technology has always been the core of AOOD’s development since we founded. We have leading electrical slip ring technology to solve complex electrical transmission problems in various systems. We also can integrate with our fiber optic / coax rotary joints to provide our customers the complete rotating interface solutions with optimum efficiency and reliability.

In the past 20 years, we pay more attention to the demand of slip rings in high-end applications. In defense field, we can skillfully handle up to thousands of high power and data circuits in very limited space, and ensure these slip rings will have superior performance and reliability in harsh environment. We even developed a series of military small capsule slip rings to meet the multi-way signal and data transmission need in extremely limited space. In marine field, we can provide the integrated ROV slip ring units with fiber optic rotary joints and fluid rotary joints, enveloped with IP68 and oil-filled for subsea operation. In medical field, our large bore pancake slip rings for CT scanners can provide up to 2.7m through bore and contactless high-speed data transmission >5Gbits.