Marine Slip Rings

Marine slip rings can be designed in a wide range of sizes, powers and numbers of ways, uninterrupted power supply of voltage rating from signal to 10,000V and current rating to 500Amps. Gold plated fiber brushes are used for signal circuits and silver graphite brushes on precious metal plated rings are used for high current circuits. These electrical slip rings can be combined with fiber optic rotary joints and fluid rotary joints to provide a comprehensive rotating interface solution for surface or subsea applications. AOOD marine slip rings are designed to operate in extreme marine environments.

Model Current Voltage Size(OD) Working Speed
R180 Max 7A per ring
Max 100A total current
Max 1000VAC 72.4mm Max 100rpm
R176 Max 20A per ring
Max 720A total current
Max 7200VAC 140mm Max 50rpm

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