Waveguide Rotary Joints

Waveguide rotary joints allow the microwave transmission from a stationary platform to a 360˚ rotating rectangular waveguide, the highest frequency up to 94Ghz. They can handle greater power and have less attenuation than coaxial rotary joints, especially after exceeding a certain frequency, the two advantages of waveguide rotary joints are very obvious. AOOD provides single channel waveguide units and combination of waveguide and coaxial units. These units can be used with electrical slip rings to provide waveguide, coaxial power and data transmission together. Typical applications include radar, satellite and mobile antenna systems etc.

Model Number of Channel Frequency Range Peak Power OD x L (mm)
ADSR-RW01 1 13.75 - 14.5 GHz 5.0 kW 46 x 64
ADSR-1W141R2 2 0 - 14 Ghz 10.0 kW 29 x 84.13

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