Fiber Optic Hybrid Slip Rings

Fiber optic hybrid slip rings combine an electrical slip ring with a fiber optic rotary joint, providing a multifunctional rotating interface for electrical and optical connections. These hybrid FORJ units allow the unlimited transmission of power, signal and large amounts of data from a stationary to a rotating platform, not only optimize the system configuration but also save cost.

AOOD provides wide range of electrical and optical combinations to meet various applications’ needs. A highly compact miniature slip ring may be integrated with the smallest single channel FORJ to transfer low current, signal and high speed data for HD camera systems. A rugged high power electrical slip ring may be integrated with multi-channels FORJ for use in ROVs. When harsh environment operational capability is required, stainless steel housing, a fully sealed enclosure or fluid-filled pressure compensation are optional. Additionally, the hybrid optical-electrical units can be combined with fluid rotary unions to provide a complete electrical, optical and fluid rotating interface solution.


  ■ Combined electrical slip ring with fiber optical rotary joint

  ■ Flexible transmission of power, signal and high bandwidth data through a single rotational joint

  ■ Wide range of electrical and optical options

  ■ Multi high power circuits optional

  ■ Compatible with data bus protocol

  ■ Can be combined with fluid rotary unions


  ■ A variety of existing hybrid units optional

  ■ Space saving and cost saving

  ■ High quality standards for design, manufacture and test

  ■ High reliability under vibration and shock

  ■ Maintenance free operation

Typical Applications

  ■ Mobile aerial camera systems

  ■ Surveillance systems

  ■ Robots

  ■ Automated machinery

  ■ Winch and TMS applications

  ■ Unmanned vehicles

Model Channels Current(amps) Voltage(VAC) Size
DIA × L (mm)
Speed (RPM)
Electrical Optical
ADSR-F7-12-FORJ 12 1 2 220 24.8 x 38.7 300
ADSR-F3-24-FORJ 24 1 2 220 22 x56.6 300
ADSR-F3-36-FORJ 36 1 2 220 22 x 70 300
ADSR-F7-4P16S-FORJ 20 1 2 A / 15A 220 27 x 60.8 300
ADSR-T25F-4P38S-FORJ 32 1 2A / 15A 220 38 x 100 300

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