“Electrical Slip Rings” VS “Rotating Electrical Connectors”

When customers choose a slip ring which requires high speed operating, high current transfer and long lifetime, they are more likely to choose a mercury slip ring, also called rotating electrical connector or brushless slip ring. Rotating electrical connector performs the same transmission function as a brush slip ring, but it uses a unique design principle unlike the sliding brush contact of slip ring, its connection is made through a pool of liquid metal molecularly bonded to the contact. Just because of the conduction path is a liquid metal which is molecularly bonded to the contacts, rotating electrical connector is able to provide the lower-resistance and lower-electrical noise connection without any wear and maintenance.

Rotating electrical connector/ mercury slip ring has superior performance compares with conventional electrical brush slip ring. It is the best signal and data transfer solution for some high speed high current application, such as welding machines, packaging machines, heated rollers, semiconductor productions, textile equipments, hygienic products equipments and thermocouples. But its application has more limitations. We all know mercury slip ring can’t be used in food machines for safety reason. But more important is mercury slip ring can’t transfer high frequency signal, many customers don’t know it. We met some customers who purchased mercotac brushless slip rings used to solve Ethernet connections, when the slip rings didn’t work, they thought it was the quality problem and they looked for new slip ring suppliers, but actually it was not the quality problem, Mercury slip ring is not a good solution to transfer Ethernet. Of course a rotating electrical connector is out of question to transfer power, it also has much better performance to transfer low frequency signals than normal conductive slip ring, it can ensure stable power and low frequency signals transfer under high speed working conduction with the lowest electrical noise and longer lifetime.

AOOD offers both electrical slip rings and rotating electrical connectors, the current of single pole rotating electrical connector up to 7500A. Based on excellent performance and cheaper price, AOOD brushless slip rings often used to replace mercotac rotary electrical connectors.

Post time: Jan-11-2020