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  • Post time: 01-18-2021

    AOOD high definition (HD) video slip rings are used to transfer 1080P or 1080I HD-SDI video signals from a stationary end to a rotating end while requiring unlimited rotating. AOOD as a trusted electrical slip rings manufacturer, provide Ethernet HD video slip ring solu...Read more »

  • Post time: 01-11-2020

    Along with the increasing demand of multi-channels high definition video slip rings in 1080P HD equipments, AOOD developed a new 36 ways HD-SDI slip ring ADC36-SDI. This model with a 22mm outer diameter and only 70mm height, is able to transfer 36 ways common signals/power and 1 way RF rotary joi...Read more »

  • Post time: 01-11-2020

    AOOD is a leading designer and manufacturer of slip ring systems. AOOD high performance slip rings provide a 360 degree dynamic connection for power, signal and data between the stationary and rotary parts of systems. Typical applications include Remotely Operated Vehicles(ROVs),  Autonomous Unde...Read more »