HD and Ethernet Slip Rings Become the Mainstream Products of Security Market

According to a report of IHS company video surveillance equipments contributed 11.9 billion US dollars to global security market in 2012. And this figure is growing every year. The security industry monitoring system originated in CCTV, followed CVBS analog video signal transmission of radio and television system standard, and video broadcasting system standard be reference or improved in other technical aspects. Thus when the security industry turned from SD video to HD video, naturally draw on the transmission of radio and television. Till now, as technology became mature, the price of common analog cameras has reduced a lot and opened the civil market and increased the demand. On the other side, large public video surveillance equipments are required of high surveillance requirement and made intelligent monitoring equipments HD-SDI and HD IP cameras became the new favorite.

Conductive slip ring is a two relatively rotating mechanism to achieve a signal and current transmission from a stationary part to a rotating part. As an important component part in any requires 360 degree rotating cameras which will transfer all signal/data/power from its stationary side to the rotating side, conductive slip ring is required to have higher performance too. AOOD focused on slip rings field since 2000 and closely watched the development of the whole security industry to learn the need of customers at the first time. From original 6 wires compact capsule slip ring SRC22-06 for CCTV to the latest HD& Ethernet slip rings for HD-SDI and HD IP cameras, AOOD always synchronize with clients and market.

AOOD Ethernet slip rings support 1000 Base T and are widely used in HD IP cameras and web cameras. Ethernet channels and SDI channel can be incorporated in one compact slip ring unit. HD-SDI technology use a coaxial cable to transmit high definition digital video transmission standard which is characterized by exactly the best upgrade existing analog video systems, both to ensure reliable transmission of video point to point which can continue to reuse the analog video transmission medium. AOOD SDI slip rings just offer a coaxial channel and up to 30 signal channels for option.

Post time: Jan-11-2020