High Quality & Cost Effective ROV Slip Rings

AOOD design and manufacture high quality and cost effective ROV slip rings for decades. We consistently improve our standard ROV slip rings and develop new products to meet demanding requirements. Our ROV slip rings solutions include electrical slip rings, FORJs, fluid rotary joints/ swivels or combinations of electrical, optical and fluid.


Our most typical standard slip rings for remotely operated vehicles use is ADSR-R176. This unit may be used for high voltage and high current ROV applications, can provide up to total 720A power supply at 7200VAC maximum and flexible signal circuits, enclosed with stainless steel housing for use in marine operating condition, it also can provide a flexible combination of high voltage, signals, video, fiber optic paths depending on the specific requirements, fluid filling and pressure compensation for subesa use available too. For underwater ROVs, slip ring R176 can be sealed to IP68 and cable exits can be sealed too to provide the customer a trustable rotary interface unit. Based on its rugged construction and highest standard manufacturing, the power and signal circuits have very low noise and crosstalk features. This unit’s service life can up to more than 10 years with maintenance free and it can be refurbished for longer lifetime.

Post time: Apr-30-2021