Increasing Demand for Large Diameter Slip Ring Assemblies

Along with the development of science and technology, industrial equipments and devices of other fields tend to sophisticated and multi-functional. Slip ring as an essential electromechanical part that provide reliable 360° infinite rotation of power and signal between the stationary and rotating parts in large industrial equipments, has been increasing demanded in bulk material handing equipments, waste water treatment equipments, pedestal cranes and non-destructive test equipments, amusement rides, luggage scanner and these large equipments. These equipments commonly are very expensive and work many years, beside their work environment is usually harsh and not easy for maintenance, so they require robust and maintenance-free slip rings. Because of these large equipments their own large dimension, they usually require a large diameter slip ring assembly to match the system installation and with a through bore in the centre.

AOOD offered a lot of large through bore slip rings to various equipments such as fire fighting vehicles, material handling equipments, port machinery and cranes. Most large diameter slip rings are equipped with a through bore up to 120 inches, pancake style and drum style are optional which depends on the system’ s installation. Fiber optic channels and coaxial channels are available. One of our typical successful case is we delivered a approx 79 inches large inner diameter slip ring for medical CT scanners, it even can achieve high-speed data transmission under 300rpm with our non-contacting slip ring technology.

AOOD large diameter slip rings are mostly custom designed. We can flexibly use our fiber brush technology and non-contacting technology to meet the customer’s slip ring need with the lowest cost.

Post time: Jan-11-2020