Standard and Custom Slip Rings

When you are looking for a suitable slip ring for your application, perhaps a cable reel, pipeline equipment or gyroscope, you will find many slip rings suppliers, then you look through their websites and you will see almost each company claims that a variety of standard and custom slip rings are available.

But what is the difference of standard and custom slip rings? Are each slip ring manufacturer’s standard slip rings the same? Generally speaking, all standard sliprings are similar. There is a name that we can’t ignore–MOOG, yes, the most famous slip ring supplier, but their price is pretty high and many users can’t afford them. AOOD TECHNOLOGY as a well-know leading designer and manufacturer of slip ring connectors which is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and signals from a fixed to a rotating side. AOOD TECHNOLOGY uses the same high quality standards as MOOG and fully uses the advantage of low materials cost and low labor cost in China, had delivered thousands of electrical slip ring systems to marine, aerospace, defense, military, communication, heavy industry and agricultural fields. In these high performance AOOD slip rings, many are the alternative to MOOG slip ring assemblies range from small size compact capsule slip rings for gyroscopes and Pan/Tilt cameras to large through bore size slip rings for luggage scanners and non-destructive test equipments.

Most standard products of sliprings manufacturers are compact capsule slip rings and below 100mm diameter through bore slip rings. They are the most demanded slip rings and mass produced, very similar in physical dimensions, electrical specifications and mechanical packaging, they are often replaced by AOOD maintenance-free slipring assemblies by customers required.

Actually many custom slip rings are modified base on standard models, additionally slip rings’  process mainly depends on hand-made and machining, so a custom slip ring won’t cost a lot as other products. AOOD custom electrical slip rings are designed with robust structure, withstand strong vibration, corrosion and waterproof, optional integration with FORJ, HF rotary joints, rotary unions, encoders etc.

Post time: Jan-11-2020