What Tests Need To Go Through Before Delivering A Slip Ring Unit

A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary part to a rotating part. A slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, intermittent or continuous rotation while transmitting power, electrical signal and data.

The primary goal of slip ring is to transmit electrical signals and the signal transmission especially sensitive signals is easily to be influenced by surroundings, so stability is a very important index to evaluate a slip ring if qualified. A high performance slip ring must feature compact package, low electrical noise, smooth contact between brushes and corresponding rings, stable performance, long lifetime with maintenance free and easy for installation.

Each slip ring unit from AOOD must go through a series tests before packing. This paper is talking about the detailed test processing of slip rings.

Generally speaking, all slip rings must go through basic electrical performance test which including appearance check, lifespan check, static contact resistance, dynamic contact resistance, insulation resistance, dielectric strength and friction torque tests. These final test data will reflect the quality of materials and a good or bad production process. For common security and industrial applications which just need transfer power &general electrical signals under normal working conditions, such as packaging/wrapping machines, semiconductor handling machines, food processing equipments, bottling and filling equipments, go through basic electrical performance test is enough to evaluate if a slip ring is qualified.

For those special applications such as armored vehicles, fire fighting and rescue vehicles, radar antennas and wind turbine generators, they usually have higher performance and longer lifetime requirements of slip rings, these slip rings are usually custom designed and will pass high-low temperature test, passed thermal shock test, vibration shock test and waterproof test. AOOD also use integrated slip ring tester to simulate customers’ working environments to test slip ring’s stability and lifetime.

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Post time: Jan-11-2020