Wide Applications of Compact Capsule Slip Rings



What is a slip ring? A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows 360 degree unlimited rotation while transferring power, signal, data or media from a stationary platform to a rotating platform, it is an important rotary joint or electrical interface for many motion control systems. Compact capsule slip rings usually have a flange for mounting, so they also can be called as miniature flange slip rings. Compact capsule type slip rings as the largest demand of slip rings in markets, their small physical package, powerful signal and data transfer capability and very cost-effective price can greatly optimize end customers’ devices and production cost.

Security camera systems are capsule slip rings’ most typical and also the largest volume of demand application. AOOD 6 wires, 12 wires or 24 wires standard golden brush compact capsule slip rings are widely used in various dome CCTV cameras, HD-SDI security cameras, IP cameras, PTZ cameras and pan & tilt cameras, their lifetime up to 10 million revolutions and can smoothly transfer USB, Gigabit Ethernet, BUS, sensor and control signals. These miniature slip rings also can be combined with coax rotary joint or FORJ to provide a complete HD video or large data rotary interface, to fit higher requirement applications such as 360 degree rotation pipeline inspection cameras, small ROVs, home cleaning robots and small precision equipment. Miniature package and up to 60 circuits, excellent signal and data transfer capability make them the most ideal slip ring solutions for many limited mounting space motion control systems.

Post time: Mar-09-2021