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After years steady development, AOOD had already became a leading slip rings supplier in the world. We have skilled engineers, advanced production & test equipments, well-trained workers and mass production capability. And successfully offered numerous customized 360 degree rotary  slip ring solutions for a wide range of fields. Our technical advantages of customized rotary joints can be showed in following points:

– Professional approaches for different communication protocols and signals, we can easily handle Canbus, Profibus, Devicenet , Fast USB, sensor signal, encoder signal, Siemens communication protocol,Gigabit Ethernet and other signals, even make these signals transmit steadily in large dimension through bore slip rings.

– Effectively control the precision of each component of a slip ring for the high-end precision applications. A slip ring is born to be a precise part, but if a slip ring is used in a precise system, then it must have superior performance, according each component must be with higher precision. We built our own machining centre at 2009 and already delivered plenty of highest precision slip rings for customers. For example AOOD high speed passengers train slip rings, next generation helical computed tomography slip rings, super precision milling machine slip rings, kiloton hydraulic crawler crane slip rings, high power agricultural equipment slip rings, underground coal and mining equipment slip rings, heavy duty CNC machine slip rings, large rotary platform slip rings.

– Advanced contact technology. The contact between the rotor part and stator part will directly affect a slip ring’s success or failure. We have gold on cold contact, silver on silver contact, gold on silver contact, fiber brush contact, mercury contact, contactless contact and roll ring contact. The best contact will make sure a slip ring work continually at high speed with minimal wear.

Anyway, the success of a slip ring need perfect matching of each detail, but it can be failure because of a very small mistake. We AOOD pay attention to each processing and make the perfect rotary solution for each customer. In order to protect customers’ benefits, we don’t expose many cases in our website. If you need to transfer power, signal, data or media from one connection to another while rotating, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We make the impossible to be possible.


>>>Model<<< OD×L
Circuits Voltage
ADSR98-107 98×293 107 380 2/85 300 ADSR98-107
ADSR-M56 72×420 56 380 5/10/15 300 ADSR-56
SRC22-06B 21.8×23.5 6 240 2 300 SRC22-06B

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A slip ring is an electromechanical device which in combination with brushes that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure.

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